The Road to Wadi Halfa


The Road to Wadi Halfa is the sequel to Tides That Bind and continues the lives of the Lion brothers and their families.

In 1998 London born Roosevelt Mohammed Lion is chairman of a property empire in the UK. While overseeing a hotel project in his father’s native island in the Caribbean he is kidnapped by Islamic extremists. He learns that Brayton- Harper, a former Cabinet minister in the British Government is using his ordeal to further his own ends in Africa.

Roosevelt struggles to survive life in a training camp and to understand the philosophy of his colleagues in the Sudan. He must be seen to cooperate or risk the life of his precious wife Venus, and his devoted twin brother, Washington, both left in London, to mourn his loss. Washington’s marriage is on the brink of collapse, but it is Roosevelt who meets the Sudanese beauty, Allaya, on the road to Wadi Halfa.

Will he learn to trust her or is she plotting her own agenda? Will Al Qaada succeed in their mission to avenge western missile attacks by bombing foreigners in Khartoum? Will Roosevelt be in a position to prevent such an atrocity? Lennox Lion sets out to find his father, but will he rot in jail?

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Reader’s Comments

‘I took your advice and downloaded The Road to Wadi Hallfa…….devoured in 48 hours. I loved it and felt a sense of loss at finishing it as I wanted to stay with the characters and their lives. When is the next book being written ?Really excellent and enjoyable read….what a talented mama you are.’ – March 18, 2012 from ALEX GOBAT Tamarind Hills ANTIGUA

‘This book along with the Tides that Bind by Claudia Elizabeth Ruth Francis would be outstanding choices for any “Book Club”.

‘Having recently moved to the Caribbean Miss Francis’s book is a must read. Just as Roosevelt tried to understand the culture of his colleagues in Sudan it is important to do the same here in the Caribbean. Reading the Tides That Bind and now The Road to Wadi Halfa has done just that for this reader.’

‘The Road to Wadi Halfa is not only spell binding but the author has written it in such a manner that the reader is learning so much of the history of the Caribbean and the Sudan without realizing it. The story of Roosevelt, his sruggles to survive, his perseverance to get back to his family in the UK, all wrapped around the history of the Caribbean and the Sudan is a historical novel worth reading. Miss Francis please finish your next novel as soon as possible.’ - February 18, 2012 from Paula L Miller (Salem, CT, US)

Must read!!

‘The Road to Wadi Halfa is a mesmerizing book that spans three worlds, Africa, the Caribbean and Britain. The story draws you into the world of the “Lion” family and examines class, culture and gender while creating romance, suspense and mystery. Ms. Francis skillfully immerses the reader into an Islamic society in Africa and painstakingly describes islamic traditions and culture using lucid and colorful language. She examines terrorism and al-quaeda amd poses serious political questions to the reader. This book was hard to put down and a definite must read! ‘- September 12, 2011 from sheba

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