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Formerly from London in the UK, thirty-five year old Lennox Lion has spent ten years in the Sudan working in refugee camps. In 2011 as the north and the south split, the world awaits independence of the newest nation in the world, the Republic of South Sudan. As the south celebrates, the girl Lennox loves is abducted together with other aid workers. None of the horrors he has witnessed over the last ten years prepare him for the anguish of losing Malika.

His journeys take him to the borders of the two Sudans and south to the Imatong massif bordering Uganda. This mountainous region with its tropical rainforests is home to notorious rebels whose vicious tactics rival the corruption rife in the UN and the military.

Lennox and his quest to find Malika take the reader on a journey of thrills and suspense and for Lennox falling in love changes his views on his past and his future.

This is the fourth book in the Lion family series.

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Reader’s Comments

“Missing is intriguing. How you unfolded the plot makes the reader long for more – for what’s next. You write very well. Your use of metaphors – personification and others – is superb and seems effortless. “The Nile spread its watery fingers throughout southern Sudan.” This is only one, but there are many that I had to read more than once; should have underlined them. Your characterization of Alphonso made its mark. I am not familiar with Cubans but I know some people from Santo Domingo. I like the guy. He seems so matter-of-fact even in the face of danger, but when he has to deliver he usually does.

I don’t know where you got your information on those parts of world from but you seem to understand the area and its politics. You are brave. I know I couldn’t do it. But I feel your passion and know you had to write about the injustices, brutality and other ills occuring in our homeland, Africa.”

Joy Lawrence (Antiguan Author & Historian)

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