Claudia Elizabeth Ruth Francis writes popular fiction with settings including the UK, the Caribbean and Africa. Her three novels, Tides that Bind (Includes ‘Island Issues’ and ‘A Bigger Island’), The Road to Wadi Halfa and Missing are available as Kindle downloads from Amazon.

Claudia Elizabeth Ruth Francis has also been Editor-in-Chief of Caribbean Homes & Lifestyle Magazine. She has also been a seasonal contributor to Food & Drink Magazine for Antigua & Barbuda.

In March 2012 the book TABLEMANNERS won the GOURMAND AWARD in Paris for the best designed cookbook in the world. Ms. Francis contributed several feature articles in this book and is named as one of the assistant editors.

In 2017 Ms. Francis wrote the forward for SIMPLY ANTIGUA BARBUDA -THE BOOK and contributed several articles to this fabulous coffee table book the second in the series.
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In 1978, Parliamentary Minister Whiteman dies and Marlene Blanchette is left to raise his outside child Venus. Impoverished and alone they are at the mercy of the men who enter their lives. Venus seems destined to follow in her mother’s footsteps. She believes it impossible to break out of the confines of this poor town in the Caribbean.  read more ..


In 1998 London born Roosevelt Mohammed Lion is chairman of a property empire in the UK. While overseeing a hotel project in his father’s native island in the Caribbean he is kidnapped by Islamic extremists. He learns that Brayton- Harper, a former Cabinet minister in the British Government is using his ordeal to further his own ends in Africa. read more ….


Formerly from London in the UK, thirty-five year old Lennox Lion has spent ten years in the Sudan working in refugee camps. In 2011 as the north and the south split, the world awaits independence of the newest nation in the world, the Republic of South Sudan. As the south celebrates, the girl Lennox loves is abducted together with other aid workers. None of the horrors he has witnessed over the last ten years prepare him for the anguish of losing Malika.  read more ….

Paperback versions of the above titles are available in libraries in the Caribbean, the UK and Africa.
Or contact claudiafrancisantigua@gmail.com